Pterygium is a growth from the conjunctiva (white part of the eye) progressive onto cornea.  It is usually white and fleshy in appearance but sometimes can be red due to inflammation.  It is unsightly , can cause dry eye due to causing obstruction on tear distribution and cause astigmatism.  If being left to be progressive, it can obstruct central visual axis.


It is due to UV changes and is commonly seen in people who work outdoor can do a lot of commuting under the sun.


There is no drops for this condition.  Surgery is the only treatment.  Usually pterygium excision with autoconjunctival graft has high chances of success.   This procedure cam be performed under local anesthesia.

However, it is important that post surgery people should wear sun glasses during outdoor to prevent recurrence.

Pre op: Right nasal pterygium.


Post op: Setelah diperbaiki, kelopak mata kiri kelihatan memuaskan.
Post op: Post excision of right nasal pterygium with autoconjunctival graft. Look how white the eye is.

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