Lumps & Bumps

Lumps and bumps can occur in different layers of the eyelid . While most are benign ( not cancerous), there are rare occasions that it can be dangerous, or sometime, life threatening, such as sebaceous cell carcinoma and melanoma. The characteristics of malignant lessons including rapid growth, irregular margin, easy bleeding and destruction of normal eyelid structures. It is important to seek medical attention if you have any suspicious lesions.

Provided Physiotherapies


While many medical professionals claim able to remove lesion, reconstruction of defect post excision require special trained doctors. Oculoolastic surgeons are eye plastic surgeons who are special trained to reconstruct eyelid to retain its function and make it look aesthetically acceptable.

This patient has right lower eylelid lump since young. However, the lump has been increasing in size for the past few months and hence patient come to seek help.

The lump has been completely remove post op.


Pre op:  Persistent inflammation for months despite multiple steroid cream and treatment elsewhere.

post surgery and steroid treatment:  much improved and reduced inflammation

This patient referred with left upper eyelid swelling.

one week post op with remarkably reduced left swelling

This girl present with progressive left lateral brow lump

  • This girl present with progressive left lateral brow lump

This girl present with progressive enlarging lumps in upper part of left brow.

Removed left upper eyelid lump.
  • Removed left upper eyelid lump.

one month post op showed disappeared lump and fading scar


Pre op:  raised pigmented lesion warrant an investigative biopsy.

Post op:  Thankfully, biopsy showed benign naevus.  Patient recover well without much trace of previous intervention.

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