The use of botulinum toxin in 'smoothening' wrinkles is nothing new in cosmetic surgery.  However, it is important that botulinum toxin is injected in the correct dose into the correct muscle in order to create a natural youthful look.   'Over -botoxed ' face whilst give a smooth look, obviates one from natural facial expression which endear one to other people.

Botulinum toxin, or in short term, botox comes in form of botulinum toxin, dysport and Xeomin which is approved by MOH and FDA.  It has been used widely for cosmetic purpose; from smoothening forehead lines, make wrinkle around outer corner of eyes disappear  (Crow feet), and lift brow (botox for brow lift).  In orientals who fancy a v shaped face, botox is also used to slim face and jawline.  Recently, botox has been inject to calf to make legs look slimmer.

Recently, there has been increasing interest in botox for its ability to treat headache and migraine.  Traditionally, botulinum toxin has also been use to 

treat abnormal twitching or muscle movement in many parts of the body, from facial (See section under blepharospasm for further information),to bladder.  With its lifespan of about 3 months, one has a belief that one may need botulinum toxin for life. However, Dr. Ho Shu Fen noted that hemifacial spasm and blepharospasm had multiple cause (including emotion and physical cause).  By addressing this factors, one may be able to wean someone off botulinum toxin and there are a few successful examples.

Is Botox safe?

Contrary to many belief, botox is a safe medication, especially if it is used in minimal dose and experienced hand.  However,  if you have neurological condition like myasthenia gravis, you are NOT able to have botox as it will lead to adverse effects.  Please speak to doctor if you have any concerns.


Pre Botox: Prominent 'Eye Bag' when smiling.

Pre Botox: Prominent 'Eye Bag' when smiling.

Post op: within one week, the eye bags has disappeared!!

Post op: within one week, the eye bags has disappeared!!

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