Asian Blepharoplasty

Having a double eyelid is usually a dream of many oriental woman. However, it is important the double eyelid is suitable to the rest of the face of the person. Creating a Western eye may not be what the patient desire especially when it is at odds with the rest of the face. Therefore it is very important to have a proper pre operative consultation to discuss with patient.

Points that will be discussed with patient:

a) height of the double eyelid:  unless you want to put eye make up in pretarsal area, it is best not to have high eyelid crease for an oriental lady/man.

b) Shape of eyelid crease:  Tapered vs parallel.  Sometimes medial canthoplasty may be required to make the eye more widely open.

Dr Ho will spend time demonstrating this on patients in order to create the desired look in addition to explaining the pros and cons of surgery.

We don't believe in price match and offer the cheapest operation but strive to offer what is best for the patient.

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Patient information on Asian blepharoplasty.

Pre op:  Single skin crease with drooping down eyelashes make one looks sleepy.

Post op: A suitable height double eyelid enhance the facial look and make one looks more attractive!!

Pre op:  Patient has excess upper eyelid skin and single eyelid crease

Post op:  2 weeks post op, patient looks much more refreshed and the double eyelid looks natural and not too high.

Pre op: Before the double eyelid surgery, the patient looks sleepy.

Post double eyelid surgery:  The patient eyelid look much more attractive.  The double eyelid is purposely not to set too high to match the oriental soft feature of the patient.

Pre op:  A young lady with single eyelid and lashes poking into her eye causing irritation.  Her eyes look really small too.

Post op:    asian blepharoplasty upper eyelid and lower eyelid epiblepharon repair and medial epicanthoplasty done.  Few days after surgery, the patient looks more alert and big eyed.


Pre op:  single eyelid and sleepy loo

Post op:  double eyelid and most importantly, natural according to Chinese beauty standard.


Pre op:  single eyelid with poorly formed fold and 'squinty' look due to wide epicanthic fold.


Post op:  (one week only). well formed double eyelid.  Eyes no longer appear 'squinty' after medial epicanthoplasty to narrow epicanthic fold.  The creamy appearance due to the cream patient put after operation.

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