• MBBS (Melbourne)
  • FRCS (Glasgow)
  • FRCOphth (London)
  • CCT (UK)
  • Oculoplastic Fellowship (Moorfields, London & Hosp. Serdang, Malaysia)
  • Certificate in Medical Education (University of Dundee)
Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr Ho Shu Fen



Being a top scholar throughout her primary and secondary schools, coupled with multiple prizes and leadership roles, Dr. Ho Shu Fen won the coveted AIDAB (Australian International Development Assistance Bureau ) scholarship to study medicine at the University of Melbourne.

After graduation, she continued her postgraduate training in United Kingdom. She was trained in a wide variety of eye centers, ranging from Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Glasgow and Belfast, under tutelage of many world-renowned consultants. After passing her fellowship examination in Royal College of London and Royal College of Glasgow, she further pursued her sub-specialist training in oculoplastic in Leicester, Coventry, Portsmouth and the world renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. She returned to Malaysia for further training in oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery among Malaysia unique racial population. She is a board certified ophthalmic plastic surgeon and had also received training in cosmetic procedures and is a cosmetic oculoplastic surgeon.


A firm believer of continuing professional development, she obtained a certificate in medical education by the University of Dundee. She also had an observership with Prof Kim Yoon Duck and Prof Woo Kyung Inn at Samsung Medical Centre to learn about the management of Asian oculoplastics conditions.  Dr. Ho Shu Fen went to Beverly Hills and USA to learn from different world renown oculoplastic surgeons on various cosmetic eyelid surgeries and procedures.   She was also a member of AOCMF and performed the first orbital fracture repair using navigation system in Perak.  She believes in inter- specialty learning and maintains good working relationships with neurosurgery, ENT, radiology and pathology teams.

As for cataract surgery, she is a good cataract surgeon with good surgical outcome.  She can use a wide variety of monofocal, toric, multifocal intraocular lens implant options suitable for patients, tailored to their budget.  She is also able to treat a wide variety of pediatric (child)  eye and oculoplastic conditions from prescribing glasses, providing advice and treatment on progression of refractive errors, squint correction and correct children eyelid lump, pediatric ptosis and epiblepharon.


Holistic, caring and professional eye care at an affordable price.

The ability to see well is the greatest gift that is given to many of us. Similarly, having a pair of normal, attractive looking eyes allows us to be well accepted and integrated into the society. Unfortunately, some people never have it or partially lost it during his/her life, either due to congenital condition, injury or disease. This is our aim to help every patient to achieve the best vision as possible and look normal and attractive.

Being an important organ in the body, the well-being of our eyes are also affected by our general health, our visual habits and emotions. Therefore, we adopt a holistic approach in managing patients with eye diseases and many respond with reduced dependence onto tablets and hence reduced side effects.

As for those who require surgery, an individualised, updated approach is adopted as we believe the uniqueness of each individual. We strive our best to achieve the best outcome. Your satisfaction is our greatest reward!



Dr. Ho Shu Fen has published more than 22 publications in peer-reviewed journals and presented in local and international meetings. She has won best poster and oral presentation. Her paper "Modified Visual Field Test for Ptosis Surgery (Leicester Peripheral Field Test)" has won best paper by BOPSS.

List of publications:

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