Trauma / Injury

Trauma is relatively common in Malaysia, be it car accident, industrial accident, work place accident or children play with tools. They often associated with injury / laceration/ tear around eyelid margins. Sometimes it affect important structures such as tear duct / drainage system or lacrimal gland. Correct repair or reconstruction is important and is best to be performed by expert in this field( oculoplastic surgeon) to avoid unsightly scar, misalignment and persistent watery eye.

This one year old boy suffered a dog bite injury.

Provided Physiotherapies


Pre op: This one year old boy suffered from a dog bite injury.  The canaliculus (tear drainage duct was injured ) and it is very important to repair it well otherwise the child will suffered permanent watery eye.

Post op:  This boy recovered well one month after suturing of wound and insertion of mini monoka tube.

Pre op:  A barbed wire has gone into right

Post op: There is minimal scar in the lower right corner of the eyelid

Pre op: motor vehicle accident leading to laceration on the side of the eye.

Post op:  Well healed wound with no distortion of eyelid margin

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