Inturning Eyelashes

Inturning eyelashes/ trichiasis can irritate the eye causing discomfort, in severe case, can lead to infection such as corneal ulcer and potential blindness.


Inturning eyelashes may be due to chronic blepharitis (inflammation of eyelid), previous injury, or secondary to inturning or out- turning of eyelashes ( ectropion or entropion). In a child or young adult, it can be due to epiblepharon ( fold of skin and muscle close to the eye pushing the adjacent lashes upwards).

Provided Physiotherapies


The offending lashes can be epilated ( only last for 6 weeks); electrolysed or surgically removed. The underlying causes such as blepharitis will be treated with eyelid hygiene. Ectropion / entropion / epiblepharon will be treated surgically under local anaesthesia in a day case setting ( or under general anaesthesia in children) with good surgical outcome.

Pre op: Eyelid has rolled in (entropion) 

Post op:  Lashes was returned to its original position.  The scar will slowly fade with time.

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