Blepharoplasty & Blepharoplasty Plus

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is one of the most common requested surgeries done in the world. It means removing excess skin or saggy skin in the upper eyelid. It is commonly required as one is getting older as skin lost elasticity. However, sometimes it may be because of brow droop in the side corner of brow (brow droop). A prolapsed lacrimal gland sometimes can also cause fullness in the lateral part of the eyelid.  Droopy eyelid margin or ptosis which was described in other pages may coexist.  It is very important to identify all these component before embarking on surgery to avoid disappointing results.

Because of the above factors, Dr Ho offer blepharoplasty plus which allow her to correct all these component with the same wound. The wound that is crated actually lie as the same line as double eyelid.

Provided Physiotherapies


The operation is performed in a day case setting and patient can go home same day, patient will return one week later to have sutures removed and the seeking may take two weeks to settle although it can vary between people.

Pre op:  redundant upper eyelid skin for both eyes

post op:  Two weeks post op with visible double eyelid.  The pati

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