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Losing an eye is already a devastating condition. It is being made worse that one is not able to put in an artificial eye to make one looks normal.

Many people unfortunately has an eye removed either secondary to injury or tumour. Many have been wearing prosthesis/ false eye / artificial eye, but over time it may not fit in anymore. Many do not realise an orbital implant is usually required.

Sometimes when a patient do not wear prosthetic eye , the surface of the eye can actually shrink and hence fitting of prosthetic eye is no longer possible.


While prosthetic eye can be fitted by a qualified Ocularist, it is the oculoplastic surgeon job to prepare the socket so that it is suitable to fit in a prosthesis eye.

Sometimes a person may still have a non seeing eye secondary to disease ( eg infection or failed previous surgery) and the eye become painful or unsightly. We recommend them to see oculoplastics surgeons to discuss plans to reduce pain and to look normal again. Dr Ho provide a comprehensive range of treatment in this area.

pre op:  Despite three previous surgery, this patient continually to have contracted left socket making wearing artificial eye impossible.

Post op:  left socket post reconstruction with dermis fat graft , buccal and labial membrane graft and fornix deepening suture.  finally he is able to put back his old prosthesis.  He does not mind the slight diference in colour.

pre op:  Left shrunken eye due to lack of volume and unable to fit prosthesis

Post insertion of left orbital implant and fitting of custom made prosthesis. Finally she looks normal again.

Pre insertion of prosthesis:  unsightly left eye stopped this patient develop social life.

Post insertion of prosthesis:  This patient is much more symmetrical and no one know actually she has lost one eye before.

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